"The greatest group of our time!" 
"Musical Perfection meets Rugged Good Looks!" 

Although these things have never been said of this foursome, they remain unrealistically optimistic. 

The Guyer Boys - from Bowling Green, Kentucky - are 15 year-old triplets Nate, Jake, and Gabe Guyer singing with their dad, Joel. The boys have been singing in their local barbershop chorus since they were 10, and singing in the family quartet since they were 12. Aside from singing, the boys enjoy playing and watching baseball, incessant arguing with each other, and teaching bad habits to their two year old brother, Zeke. They also work in the family window treatment business when they're desperate enough for money. 

The Guyer Boys perform regularly at local nursing and assisted living homes in, and around, Bowling Green. They regularly sing at local churches and for church and community group events. Each year they sing for choir and theater classes at eight of their local high schools, and at Western Kentucky University. They are regular guests to sing The Star Spangled Banner at WKU basketball games and at the local Minor League Baseball Team, and three to four times a year, they are guests on the local Midday Show on TV. 

The quartet's fan club president is wife, and mother, Laura "Mom" Guyer. The quartet's mascot is two year old son, and brother, Zeke Guyer. "Dad's replacement" sometimes rehearses with the group by singing loudly and out of tune, while running wildly around the room blowing through his kazoo and pushing his "popcorn" mower. Very helpful. 

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The only family pictures for which we ever seem to make time. (L-R) Gabe, Zeke, Joel, Laura, Nate, Jake